A graduate of the Carita Make-up School in Paris dapper Frenchman François Nars is another in the line of frustrated makeup artists turned cosmetics giants. Having spent much of his youth preferring French Vogue to comics, Nars became enchanted by the fashion, models and design of its pages. He pursued a career in makeup artistry and hit the big time. Moving to New York in 1984 after encouragement from industry heavyweights, he went on to work with huge publications and fashion designers. Like others before him, Nars wasn't satisfied with the tools of his trade so, in 1994 he launched a collection of 12 lipsticks in Barneys, New York. Demand for these soon led Nars to create his full eponymous line, NARS. In 2000 Shiseido Cosmetics acquired NARS and used their skincare know-how to launch NARSskin in 2002.

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