Our story can be traced back to the Middle Ages when women journeyed to the thermal springs in the Pyrenees, believed to be a source of eternal youth. After each bath in the ‘fountain of youth’, their skin was softer, smoother, rejuvenated.

The legend also says that Gallo-Roman warriors used to heal their wounds after battles in the thermal springs of the French Pyrenees.
The true secret behind their mythical powers was only revealed by chance centuries later. In the 1950s - the springs had become a thermal station - when Dr. Jos Jullien observed a curious phenomenon, an extraordinary substance on the surface of the baths. Analysis finally revealed the secret source of the springs' regenerating powers: Life planktonTM.

Just after this discovery, Dr Jullien met a young Monaco-based cosmetician, Jeanine Marissal. Together they realized Life plantkonTM's increadible skin affninty and its enormous potential as a skincare ingredient. And Biotherm was born.

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